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Super Smart Glasses Through Super Smart Tech


Energy self-sufficient
The solar cells work as an energy source and change sunlight into electrical energy, which powers the LCD circuit in the glasses.
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystals within the lens continuously react to the changing electrical voltage generated by the lens' solar cells. The LCD responds lightning-fast to provide the perfect level of light transmission.
Stepless tinting
These intelligent sunglasses continuously adapt to changing light conditions on an infinite scale between DIN shade 2 and shade 4.
Infinite Tinting
Lenses are 100% polarized, completely eliminating glare from reflected light. They also provide full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays while passing full, bright colors through the lens.

ShadeTronic™ is best and here's why

Three filter categories in one single pair of sunglasses

Tinted glasses with fixed light transmission level.
Light sensitive chemical coating on the lenses react to UV light to darken the glasses.
A liquid crystal display controls light transmission electronically: continuously adjusting for changing light conditions.
Positives / Negatives

Different glasses are necessary for changing light conditions. May or may not provide full UVA and UVB protection. May or may not be polarized.

Tinting does adjust to changing light conditions, however lenses can take as long as three minutes to fully change. Tinting is also affected by temperature. May or may not be polarized.

Tinting adjusts instantly (0.1 seconds), whether going from light to dark or dark to light. Continuous, infinite shade 2 to shade 4 adjustments are made in real time for changing light conditions. Lenses provide full UVA and UVB protection. Lenses are polarized and completely waterproof.
Sun Protection
UV protection
Light Transmission
(Sunglass Filter Category)
(Cat. 0)
(Cat. I)
(Cat. II)
(Cat. III)
(Cat. IV)
Little to NO protection from either the Sun or harmful UV Ray
Not suitable when driving a vehicle at dawn or at night.
Without SHADETRONIC™ not suitable for driving a vehicle at all.
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