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optray® SHADETRONIC™ onyx auto-darkening sunglasses

Item #: 1500-002
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Optray® onyx SHADETRONIC™ sunglasses by optrel® are the world's finest electronically auto-darkening sunglasses. The onyx model features all black frames and silver mirrored lens. They are solar powered and there are no batteries to charge or replace. Onyx sunglasses have an auto on feature, which means they are always ready for use.

Optray® SHADETRONIC™ continuous, fully automated shade adjustment monitors light conditions and darkens or lightens lens on an infinite scale between shade 2 and shade 4. Lens goes from light to dark and dark to light instantly with absolutely no delay. Shade 2 light state allows the onyx to be worn indoors while the shade 4 dark state mellows even the brightest sunlight. These sunglasses are perfect for driving in and out of tunnels or riding in and out of trees. The SHADETRONIC™ lens completely eliminates glare while providing full UVA and UVB protection.

Precision polarized polycarbonate lens delivers superior optical clarity and features an anti-scratch coating. Optray auto-darkening sunglasses are extremely lightweight and have flexible earpieces and nose piece. They come complete with a hard carrying case and micro fiber storage bag. Optray® SHADETRONIC™ auto-darkening sunglasses are expertly designed and manufactured in Switzerland and come with a two year lens warranty.

  • Instantly darkens or lightens in 0.1 seconds with no delay
  • Solar powered - no battery to charge or replace - ready to use right out of the case
  • Vivid, natural color passes through the lens with zero tint or discoloration
  • Full UV protection
  • Polarized lens - the latest RX polarization filters block reflected light for glare-free and high-contrast vision. Unlike regular polarized lenses, unique RX filter technology allows for clear viewing of all electronic displays; including instrument clusters, cell phones and gas pump screens.
  • Superior optical clarity
  • Three lenses in one - SHADETRONIC™ continuous, fully automated shade adjustment monitors light conditions and darkens or lightens lens on an infinite scale between shade 2 and shade 4.
  • Can be worn inside or out - ideal for changing light conditions
  • Precision polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch hard coating
  • 100% waterproof - Certified IP68 Protection Class - LCD cell is completely sealed making optray® SHADETRONIC™ sunglasses ideal for water sports
  • Wide range of operating temperatures: -4℉ to +122℉ / -20℃ to +50℃
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in Switzerland

Comes complete with

  • Hard carrying case
  • Micro fiber cleaning/storage bag
  • 2 year lens warranty

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  Sunglasses for any adventure unlike anything on the market!!! , Posted By:
I use the shades for snowboarding in sunny conditions. The sun conditions were quite variable on my first day with the Shadetronic's, and the sunglasses allowed me clear vision throughout all the variability in sun exposure. The adaptability of the lenses is unreal and unlike anything on the market. Someone snowboarding with me had to swap his lenses between dark, mid-shade and clear on his goggles 6 times that day. I took extra glorious laps on the mountain waiting for my partner to change out his lenses. My Optrel glasses did the changing automatically on their own, continuously adjusting in every new direction I looked. LOVE THEM.

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  Enjoying the view!, Posted By:

1 people found this review helpful

I recently received my pair of Optray Onyx sunglasses and my first impression was that I loved the presentation! The branded packaging and accessories are reminiscent of the treatment that Apple gives its products - I?m hard-pressed to dispose of the box, so it will likely assume its place next to all of my older iPhone and AirPod boxes : ) My hometown in the Pacific Northwest has only recently decided to provide sunrays worthy of testing them out. So far, I?m very happy and impressed with how they mitigate the sun glare during hiking, revealing the clear details of the trees that I had apparently been missing for some time. I look forward to what the sunglasses will bring when we kayak in the ocean soon.

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  My daughter liked them too much!, Posted By:

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I recently purchased these sunglasses for myself but my daughter liked them so much that she uses. I'll need to buy another pair.

I haven't had much success with other sunglasses. My habit has always been to put sunglasses on when in the direct sun and off when not and that meant that I would be taking my sunglasses on and off repeatedly when driving, hiking, yard work etc.

Because these sunglasses do a great job of adjusting to the light, I don't need to repeatedly take them on and off. I was able to look directly into the sun with these sunglasses without a problem.

My daughter tested them out and now she is using them. Her eyes are very sensitive to light, she's never been a fan of sunglasses so hopefully these continue to work for her.

It will be great to have these for winter sports.

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