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These brave warriors regularly dare to take on the slopes and oceans, the lakes and trails, and their sidewalks and highways, and have found a worthy companion and protector in our line of electronic auto-darkening sunglasses.

Coach, Nater Youngchild and North American Freeride Snowboard Champion, Devon Bryan.
The people in the photo above are the reigning North American Freeride Snowboard champion Devon Bryan, and his coach Nater Youngchild. They are riding at Alpental Mountain in the Cascades of Washington State. They were actually doing drone filming that day for the production of the upcoming documentary called "FreeDev". "The sun conditions were quite variable that day and the sunglasses allowed me (Nater) clear vision throughout all the variability in sun exposure. The adaptability of the lenses is unreal and unlike anything on the market. Devon had to swap his lenses between dark, mid-shade and clear on his goggles 6 times that day. I took extra glorious laps on the mountain waiting for Devon to change out his lenses. My Optrel glasses did the changing automatically on their own, continuously adjusting in every new direction I looked.
I haven't had much success with other sunglasses. My habit has always been to put sunglasses on when in the direct sun and off when not and that meant that I would be taking my sunglasses on and off repeatedly when driving, hiking, yard work etc.
- Maria (Boston, MA)
I’m very happy and impressed with how they mitigate the sun glare during hiking, revealing the clear details of the trees that I had apparently been missing for some time.
- Drea S. (Gig Harbor, WA)
Amazing! They do what they say and you will most definitely forget you're wearing them inside or outside!
- Spencer J.
Because these sunglasses do a great job of adjusting to the light, I don't need to repeatedly take them on and off. I was able to look directly into the sun with these sunglasses without a problem.
- Maria (Boston, MA)
Epic on snow! My biggest curiosity for glasses in this particular sport is, can they take the falling down and constant moisture? Optrel® delivered!
- Nater Y. (Seattle, WA)
Krista (Encinitas, CA)
Sick! I've done a ton of backpacking out west and there are 2 main reasons I'm constantly ripping off my sunglasses. 1) When I start sweating, the feeling of them right against my eyes makes me even hotter. 2) I can't see that well when I'm in a shaded area whether I'm backpacking through a forest and need to see where I'm stepping or at a farmer's market under a tent, I'm always taking them on and off in order to see better. Furthermore, I keep my glasses on when I mountain bike but they do shake around on my face at times which is annoying. Since I can't take them off easily (and need them on incase anything flies in my face), I usually think about getting clear goggles to wear instead.

Cyber Optics fixed all of the above.

  • They sit off my face more than other sunglasses allowing a slight breezeway. If they did fog up it was from a face mask and it cleared almost instantly.
  • The lenses are really nice. I felt like even though they were protecting me from the sun, they were almost making things brighter (in a good way) rather than just darkening my surroundings. I never noticed when they would lighten or darken. It was nice to not have to worry about ripping them on and off to see better.
  • They stayed on my face well. The arms sat above my ears rather than against them. One complaint!... after so much time wearing them, the nose piece left a deep dent on my nose-bridge. I only noticed it when I took them off and thought "ouch". I'm assuming it's from the nose piece being straight rather than sloped. If it helps them stay on my face better that way though, I'm fine with it.
  • They look cool. A little futuristic and a little retro at the same time. I've been wanting glasses that wrap around more after getting a few bad burns on the sides of my eyes from hiking with the sun on one side for hours.
  • I like the soft touch on the arms and nose piece and the case they come in is nice.
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