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About Us

ABOUT US - Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Cyber Optic Shades combines the talents of the Swiss owner of Optrel® and the American owner of Optrel®, the worldwide leader in auto-darkening welding lens technology, has a passion for improving people's lives by improving their eye health. Cyberweld®, Optrel's largest U.S. distributor, is equally passionate about providing a superior online buying experience through excellence in customer service and order fulfillment. Together, the two companies have over 120 years of experience in bringing quality, innovative products to the marketplace with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our founders, seen here in the Swiss Alps wearing prototype onyx sunglasses, are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Whether mountain biking, boating, fishing, hiking or just driving into a glaring sun on the commute home, both men understand the value of adapting a tried and tested welding lens technology to everyday use.

Optrel® 0ptray onyx and neon auto-darkening sunglasses from Cyber Optic Shades scientifically reduce eye strain through unmatched visual clarity and performance. Optray polycarbonate lenses are precision manufactured to eliminate light distortion. They provide full UV protection and are polarized to prevent reflected light glare. The SHADETRONIC™ LCD circuit in these revolutionary sunglasses is 100% waterproof, darkens and lightens in 0.1 seconds and continually adjusts to changing light conditions. The anti-scratch coating and lightweight frame design make them equally valuable for the professional driver or the outdoor sportsperson.

Cyber Optic Shades is a company of real people, with real solutions, that really use and love their own product.

Cyber Optic Shades LLC
7931 E. Pecos Rd.
Suite 209
Mesa, AZ 85212
(833) 914-2103
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